Monday, November 20, 2006

Ernst November 2006

Here is a Tiger costume that Nana and Papa Smith mailed to Easton, just in time for Halloween.

The little stinker decided to wear his old bumble bee costume despite his new tiger costume. I tried to dress up as a bee keeper if you couldn't tell. I had a net for my face but it was too annoying to wear all around the neighborhood.

Here we are for Erica's birthday on the 9th.

Here is a random picture of the 2 kids. Sage is actually waking up now and staying awake for an hour or so.

Here we are after baby blessing. Sage's outfit is more complicated than it looks. She has on a:
-crocheted dress -- By Aunt Deborah
Easton had on his new $15 outfit from Costco. Nicole couldn't resist.

Picture with my Mom. My mom came a few days before this day to visit us.

Smith family, from 9 o'clock, Nancy, Stan, Grama Smith, Nicole, Sage, Beckey, Julie, Shane, Easton, and Corey.

Sage on Nicole's backdrop that she said "...was better than JCPenny's backdrop." Blanket courtesy of Nana Smith.

Sage giving us the evil eye. We're in for trouble with this one.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sage's first couple weeks

Sage has a lot of hair. The natural style of the hair was a mohawk. Hopefully she will grow out of this.

Nicole and Sage.

Me and Sage.

Here is our little angel. Nicole's sister had to sit there for a while to get this good smile.

A vist to the great-grandmother Smith (left) and her sister. Easton got a few sweets just before this shot so he's in good spirits.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Almost out of hospital

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sage May Ernst

Sage May Ernst
7.0 lbs 17 inches
Born 6:45 AM, October 6th, 2006

We just wanted to let everyone know about our new baby girl -- Sage May Ernst. She was born in American Fork on Octoberber 6th, at 6:45 AM. She was 7.0 lbs and 17 inches in length.

Before the birth, big brother looking out for baby sister.

The doctors were worried about some liver tests they had done on Nicole, so on Tuesday they decided to observe her for a little while, which turned into 3 days. Then they decided to induce Nicole into labor on Friday night.

Nicole did tremendously well during the labor. The doctor said that she "probably" would want to get a "happy-dural" because the labor might be long, since it would be about 4 weeks early. Nicole still said she wanted to try. They started up at 10:30 PM in the labor and delivery room. Then at 2 AM or so, he broke Nicole's water. The contractions started, and at 4 AM they were getting somewhat painful, then at 5:30 AM they were getting more painful, then at 6:15 AM or so, she said that she might want that epidural after all. Then the nurse checked her and she was at 8 centimeters dialated. Then 20 minutes later she was at a 9 and the nurse was scrambling to get everyone in there. Nicole had to "not push" through 2 of the last contractions. She was amazing. The baby came out pretty easily with about 3-4 pushes.

Currently Sage needed a little help with breathing when she got out of the womb. They needed to put a chemical in her lungs calledsurfactant, which they lack. Surfactant prevents the air sacs from collapsing when a baby exhales. They gave her a dose of that and she responded well. They were able to take of respirator from her nose. The little red mark on her upper cheek is from the tape used to keep the respirator her nose.

Here am I with the little girl. We haven't been able to hold her since she was born yesterday. She's hooked up to a bunch of monitors so it hard to get too close to her.

Easton has been able to entertain himself when in mom's room by taking showers. He is able to just enjoy the warm water.